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Preschool Summer Camp in Dallas, GA

Ensure Your Child Learns While Having Fun This Summer!

Summer is a time of adventure, discovery, and growth, especially for the curious minds of preschoolers. At Ivybrook Academy Seven Hills, we believe that the summer months provide a unique opportunity for children to explore, learn, and have fun in a nurturing and educational environment. Our summer camp for 2 to 6-year-olds is designed to offer a blend of academic learning and recreational activities, ensuring your child enjoys a summer filled with memorable experiences.

Each week, campers are introduced to a new theme that serves as a backdrop for various activities such as:

  • Creative Arts: Encouraging self-expression through painting, sculpting, and storytelling
  • Science Experiments: Sparking curiosity with hands-on projects that make learning exciting
  • Outdoor Play: Promoting physical health and teamwork with games and activities in our outdoor spaces

Every day at our camp is filled with wonder! Our experienced educators design engaging and age-appropriate activities that ignite curiosity, encourage collaboration, and spark joy in every child. 

You can register for camp by the week, and our hours are Monday-Friday from 9 am to 12 pm.

Looking for a preschool summer camp that will ensure your child has an exciting and educational summer? Call us at (678) 568-7864 or contact us online!

More About Our Weekly Themes

Topic: ArtTastic

Our halls will be adorned with vivid bursts of color, imaginative artwork, and intricate sculptures as our young artists unleash their creativity! We'll cultivate a passion for diverse visual arts, from collage to stained glass, through engaging art exploration. Campers will be introduced to various techniques, textures, and mediums, empowering them to embrace their artistic talents with newfound confidence!

Topic: Pirates and Princesses

Embark on a magical voyage to an era of pirates and princesses, where imagination knows no bounds! We’ll dive into the realm of make-believe and witness these historical characters spring to life right before us. Campers should prepare to be enchanted by tales of wonder and fantastical creatures that will transport them to realms beyond their wildest dreams! Join us as we craft castles, make crowns, build marketplaces, and act out stories.

Topic: Water Works

Dive into an exciting week of water-based adventures! Our gardens and playgrounds will be transformed into water wonderlands with sprinklers and water tables. Children will get creative by making their own water toys and participating in soggy games that promise plenty of laughs. Indoors, we'll continue the fun by using water to craft paintings, scented art, and large murals. Campers are encouraged to come prepared to splash and play, so ensure your little one has their bathing suit, water toys, and towels for a memorable experience.

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Topic: Make It, Bake It, Take It

Our dedicated teachers are excited to guide your child through a week of embracing nutritious snacks! Our talented young chefs will don their aprons and chef hats to whip up delectable recipes. We have tons to explore during our culinary adventure as we delve into the art of cooking, learning to measure, sift, stir, and create culinary masterpieces. We’ll also learn about snacks that children around the world enjoy, and how to make art using food.

Topic: Science Lab: Machines and Magnets

Could your child be the next Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton? Let's find out together as our junior scientists go on a journey to unravel the mysteries of machines and magnets! With lab coats and magnets in hand, we'll transition from hypothesis to conclusion through a series of engaging daily activities. Our young explorers will focus on the scientific method, conducting thorough investigations to uncover fascinating insights. We’ll create unique machines, spark curiosity, discover, and investigate all week long!

Topic: Junior Olympics

Our young Olympians will start with a formal opening ceremony, complete with the March of the Countries, setting the stage for an action-packed week ahead. From Track and Field to Gymnastics, and even a playful take on "Water Polo," our athletes will participate in numerous exciting events. Each sporting activity will emphasize teamwork, large muscle skills, and the importance of good sportsmanship. At the end of the week, we'll come together for an awards presentation, where every participant will be celebrated as a gold medalist.

Topic: Water Wonderland

Jump right into a week of water fun! Similarly to Water Works, children will unleash their creativity by making their own water toys and playing soggy games. But watch out, for buried treasure and pirates must be found on the high seas! When it's time to dry off indoors, the excitement continues with bubble paintings, collaborative mural-making, learning about ice, and discussing evaporation. It’s a week of splashes, surprises, and endless fun!

Call us at (678) 568-7864 or contact us online to learn more about our summer camp!

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