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Powell Preschool Summer Camp

Enriching Learning Experiences That Your Child Will Cherish

At Ivybrook Academy Powell, we uphold the belief that learning is an endless voyage, uninterrupted even by the rhythm of the seasons. We are committed to ensuring this voyage is filled with exploration, enjoyment, and enrichment. Hence, we present our Preschool Summer Camp—an extraordinary program infused with captivating themes, designed to stimulate your child's curiosity and nourish their intellectual growth.

Our summer camp, customized for children aged 2 to 6, includes a diverse array of activities tailored for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Our objective is to harmoniously intertwine education with enjoyment, ensuring every child has a memorable summer, packed with joyous learning. We can offer your child an unforgettable summer packed with enriching learning experiences. 

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool Summer Camp

Our summer camp for preschoolers offers a variety of enriching learning experiences that your child will cherish. Each themed camp topic is designed to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and social interaction in a fun and engaging environment.

Here are some benefits of enrolling your child in our summer camp:

  • Opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration
  • Development of social and communication skills through group activities
  • Exposure to different topics and interests to spark curiosity and creativity
  • Promotion of physical activity and outdoor play
  • Enhancement of problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Creation of lasting memories and friendships

Give your child the opportunity to have a memorable and educational summer experience at Ivybrook Academy Powell. Contact out online today to learn more about our summer camp programs and enrollment options!

Summer Camps

Summer Camp Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm 

Topic: ArtTastic

June 10 - June 14

Vibrant hues of colors, abstract creations, and sculptural designs will line the halls as our artists create, create, create! Enthusiasm for a wide array of visual arts ranging from collage to stained glass will be fostered during art exploration. Techniques, textures, and various art mediums will be presented. Campers will gain confidence as they discover their knack for the aesthetically beautiful! 

Some of the questions we will be answering include:

  • • Can we paint the color of music?
  • • Which materials will I choose for my Kandinsky collage?
  • • How will I investigate the lost art of pinch pots?
  • • What is the Batik art technique?

Topic: Pirates and Princesses

June 17 - June 21

Come on an enchanted journey to the time of pirates and princesses. We will jump into the world of make believe and watch as these historic characters come to life before our eyes! We will also hear stories of amazing wonder and magical creatures. Children will be fascinated by these mesmerizing tales that will captivate their imaginations! Join us as we create castles, design crowns, build shops, and reenact stories.

Together we will research:

  • • How many rings will I get on the Pirate Hook toss game?
  • • Can I create a treasure map?
  • • Can I “walk the plank” without getting wet?
  • • What will I learn when I conduct the exploding treasure chest experiment?

Topic: Water Works

June 24 - June 28

Splash into a wonderful week of water fun! Sprinklers and water tables will cover the gardens and playgrounds. Children will create their own water toys and play soggy games. We will also bring our water fun indoors as we utilize water to create paintings, scented art, and large murals. Campers will be sure to splish and splash so bring your bathing suit, water toys, and towels. 

This week we will be wondering:

  • • Will water move our water wheel?
  • • Are oil and water friends?
  • • What do I need for a game of Ready, Set, Splash?
  • • Who will win the sling and soak challenge?

Topic: Make It, Bake It, Take It

July 15 - July 19

Our teachers will be welcoming your child to a week filled with healthy snacks . Our chefs will don their aprons and chef hats as they create delicious recipes! We will explore the world of the culinary arts as we measure, sift, stir, and create masterpieces. This is sure to be a fun week of camp. 

Some of the activities we will participate in are:

  • • How can I use healthy eating habits to help me prepare a special snack at home?
  • • What kinds of snacks do children around the world enjoy?
  • • Can I follow a recipe to create a mixture that I can bake at home?
  • • How can I create art using food?

Topic: Science Lab: Machines and Magnets

July 22 - July 26

Is your child the next Albert Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton? Come find out as our junior scientists discover the many mysteries of machines and magnets. Lab coats and magnets will be needed as we move from hypothesis to conclusion with fun daily activities. Our children will complete in-depth investigations utilizing the scientific method. Creating unique machines will be sure to keep our children wondering, discovering, and investigating all week. 

The following are just some of the questions we will answer this week:

  • • Which objects can I move using my lever machine?
  • • Can I create magnet slime?
  • • Which inclined plane will work best for the marble run?
  • • What is a Rube-Goldberg machine and how do I create one?

Topic: Junior Olympics

July 29 - August 2

Ready, set, go! Our young Olympians will start the week with a formal opening ceremony as they participate in the March of the Countries. They will then take part in Track and Field, Gymnastics, “Water Polo,” and many other fun events. These sporting events will focus on teamwork, large muscle skills, and good sportsmanship. We will end the week with the awards presentations where everyone is a gold medalist. 

The following are just some the questions we will be answering throughout the week:

  • • Can I design a unique Olympic flag?
  • • How can I throw the dizzy discus?
  • • What will my measurement be for the long jump?
  • • Can teamwork help us win the bobsled challenge?

Topic: Water Wonderland

Splash into a wonderful week of water fun! Children will create their own water toys and play soggy games. But beware, buried treasure and pirates await to be found on the high seas! We will also bring our water fun indoors to create bubble paintings, large murals, and investigate ice. 

Some of the questions we will be answering this week are:

  • • What are the different forms water can take?
  • • How can we create artwork with water and oil?
  • • What is evaporation?
  • • Is oobleck a solid or a liquid?

Learn more about the Ivybrook Summer Camp program by contacting your nearest Ivybrook Academy today. We look forward to inspiring, entertaining, and creating cherished summer memories.

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