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A Reggio Emilia + Montessori + Half Day Preschool Where Your
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Ivybrook Academy Midlothian

480 Winter Place Way,

Midlothian, VA 23113

(804) 336-3989
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Ivybrook Academy Midlothian
(804) 336-3989

480 Winter Place Way,

Midlothian, VA 23113

  • Observe & Customize

    Craft educational plans and opportunities based on each child's individual learning style

  • Explore & Discover

    Utilize the physical environment as a rich resource for exploration, inquiry, and thought

  • Respect & Collaborate

    Model and encourage respect and collaboration in every aspect of daily life

  • Honor & Document

    Value children's voices and showcase their importance through documentation

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Midlothian Campus

Private Half-Day Preschool in Midlothian, VA

Giving Children the Space They Need to Grow

Early development plays a crucial role in children’s growth and success. Research has proven that providing young children with meaningful experiences, social interactions, and nurturing environments like those in Preschool can lead to positive outcomes for their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. 

At Ivybrook Academy Midlothian, we recognize the importance of early childhood education and strive to provide our students with an innovative curriculum designed to celebrate their individual strengths and interests. Through careful observations, we are able to create short-term lessons and long-term explorations tailored specifically for each student's needs. We believe that this approach is essential in fostering curiosity about the world around them and setting them up for success later in life.

Contact us online  or call (804) 336-3989 today to schedule a tour of our Preschool in Midlothian, VA!

Top-Rated Half-Day Preschool in Midlothian, VA

Our half-day Preschool programs incorporate Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies into the curriculum to provide a comprehensive learning experience. We take pride in our immersive approach to early childhood education, as it allows us to tailor topics of study specifically for each child’s needs and interests. 

Our faculty members are committed to creating a safe space for learning through social interactions between peers and adults, guided by experienced teachers with specialized training in early childhood development.

Explore the Advantages of Our Half-Day Preschool Program

Half day Preschool programs offer a variety of benefits for young children, including the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills in a safe and secure environment. Half day programs also provide an introduction to school-like structure, while allowing parents or guardians to still be involved in their child’s learning and development during the afternoon hours. From reading books together or doing educational activities, parents can use this time as an opportunity to further develop their child’s learning skills and help build upon the foundation that was established in their half-day program.

Half day Preschool also provides kids with a unique opportunity to interact with other children of similar ages in a supervised setting. Through play activities and educational games, students have an opportunity to learn important socialization skills such as sharing toys and taking turns speaking during conversations – all under the guidance of trained teachers who understand how to manage and encourage these activities. Furthermore, half-day Preschool programs also provide students with a basic introduction to school-like structure – helping them prepare for the transition into full day kindergarten when they are older.

Convenient and Quality Preschool for Midlothian's Working Parents

Our half-day Preschool programs are designed with busy families in mind, giving parents the flexibility to drop their child off at school before heading into work for the day. This gives parents more time to focus on their job while giving them peace of mind knowing that their child is in a safe and educational environment, perfect for their development. From the quality of education to the introduction of social skills, Half Day Preschool programs from Ivybrook Academy Midlothian are an ideal option for busy families who want to provide their child with quality educational experiences at an early age.

Why Choose Ivybrook Academy Midlothian for Your Child

At Ivybrook Academy Midlothian, we treasure each child's unique voice and foster their individual interests. Choosing a Preschool for your beloved child isn't an easy task, and we're aware that we aren't the only Preschool in Midlothian. Yet, we firmly believe that a fruitful future sprouts from the right mix of guidance, tools, and words of encouragement. We offer all this and much more. We nurture empathy, ignite curiosity, and provide an environment where children truly flourish.

We welcome you to schedule a private tour of our Midlothian Preschool campus to gain a better understanding of our ethos, acquaint yourself with our dedicated staff, and get answers to any queries you may have. Begin the journey of your child's exploration and growth by scheduling your tour today.

Discover the Ivybrook Difference: Schedule Your Tour Today!

To learn more about what makes our Private Half-Day Preschool in Midlothian, VA different or to schedule an in-person tour, contact us online or call (804) 336-3989!

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    ’24-’25 School Year

    Our campus tours are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our school and your child’s specific program so you can feel confident that our Ivybrook Academy Midlothian is the best choice for your family. Please contact the administrative team at Midlothian at (804) 336-3989 for details regarding scheduling your private tour or reach out via our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

  • Now Enrolling for

    2024 Summer Camps

    Our themed camp weeks are designed to help your children learn while having fun! Summer camp programs may vary between locations, so please connect with our Midlothian team at (804) 336-3989 for details on our campus’ specific offerings.

Growing Toward

Their Brightest Future

The Ivybrook curriculum grows with your child. Each of our programs optimize children’s time away from their families by providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities customized to each child’s needs. Explore your child’s age group in more detail, or read an overview of our program offerings!

Tending to

The Joy In Learning

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Ivybrook Academy Midlothian

480 Winter Place Way,

Midlothian, VA 23113

(804) 336-3989