A Reggio Emilia + Montessori + Half Day Preschool Where Your
Child Will Thrive
  • Observe & Customize

    Craft educational plans and opportunities based on each child's individual learning style

  • Explore & Discover

    Utilize the physical environment as a rich resource for exploration, inquiry, and thought

  • Respect & Collaborate

    Model and encourage respect and collaboration in every aspect of daily life

  • Honor & Document

    Value children's voices and showcase their importance through documentation

Still Life Representation

Lea 3 years 2 months


Half-Day Preschool

Where Voices are Valued & Compassion Is Cultivated

Bright futures begin with solid foundations. At Ivybrook Academy, we take a progressive approach to PreSchool that encourages critical thinking, highlights creativity, and fosters a love for learning. By recognizing the strengths and needs of each child, we allow their individual uniqueness to shine.

Ivybrook Academy provides an emergent curriculum where both short and long-term, in-depth investigations and explorations emerge from careful observations of the children. Topics of study and experiences are designed to reflect and support the children’s interests and needs. Children are born with a natural curiosity about the world, and we cultivate that curiosity through meaningful social interactions with peers and adults. We believe that children are individuals whose strengths and gifts should be valued and nurtured.

There Is No Limit to What They Can Achieve

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Family Testimonials

Enriching Your Child’s Foundation

  • The Khimji Family
    "The faculty is like family and ever so helpful for any question or concern along the way. There was never a doubt in our minds when we entrusted the school with our most valuable assets, our children." - The Khimji Family
  • The King Family
    "We truly feel like family. From the warm greetings to the compassion, we have always felt welcome and embraced. This is truly a special place and one that we are proud to be a part of." - The King Family
  • The Parker Family
    "It is an honor and a privilege for our family to attend Ivybrook Academy. It was clearly the best choice for our daughter 3 years ago and has continued to serve our family as the best private preschool possible." - The Parker Family


Tending to

The Joy In Learning