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Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound

3917 Long Prairie Rd

Suite 130

Flower Mound, TX 75065

(469) 529-7092
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Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound
(469) 529-7092

3917 Long Prairie Rd

Suite 130

Flower Mound, TX 75065

  • Observe & Customize

    Craft educational plans and opportunities based on each child's individual learning style

  • Explore & Discover

    Utilize the physical environment as a rich resource for exploration, inquiry, and thought

  • Respect & Collaborate

    Model and encourage respect and collaboration in every aspect of daily life

  • Honor & Document

    Value children's voices and showcase their importance through documentation

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Flower Mound Campus

Private Half-Day Preschool in Flower Mound

Your Child Deserves to Be Heard

At Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound, we take an innovative approach to early childhood education that values students’ voices and champions their individuality. 

Our discovery-based, multi-sensory approach allows children to embrace their curiosity and explore the world around them. Our Flower Mound private preschool puts children’s interests front and center and lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Looking to register for preschool in Flower Mound, TX? Dial (469) 529-7092 or contact us online today to see our availability for the upcoming school year!


Empowering Early Childhood Education

At Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound, we prioritize and cherish the perspectives and distinct qualities of each child. Our approach revolves around creating customized learning plans based on attentive observations of each child. 

With boundless opportunities for discovery in the world around them, we utilize the physical environment to actively stimulate and involve each child.

What age does preschool start? 

Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound offers preschool programs for children as young as 18 months to 6 years old, with bespoke programs for each age group. Younger children are given a safe and supportive space to explore their individuality, as older children engage in a stimulating variety of educational opportunities.

By tailoring our curriculum to each age group, we empower every child with a solid foundation for academic success in the future.

We offer programs for children ages 18 months to six years:

Call us at (469) 529-7092 or schedule a tour today to see how our Half-day Preschool near you is perfect for you!

Unique Preschool Experience in Flower Mound, TX

We aim to offer a unique experience compared to other preschools in Flower Mound, TX. All our programs are half-day sessions. This allows ample time for a comprehensive learning experience without keeping children away from their families for too long. 

If you're hoping to get your child primed for kindergarten, or are just seeking to jumpstart their academic journey, we've got an excellent half-day preschool program tailored to meet your needs!

How Long Do Your Preschool Programs Run?

The programs run for 10 months of the year. For the remaining two months, Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound offers a Summer Camp program

Our activities, games and exploratory exercises are so enjoyable that children don't even realize they're learning!

Our summer camp, like our other programs, is half-day and deliberately fashioned to provide a valuable learning experience for your child while allowing adequate time for family activities.

Helping Children Learn and Grow While They Have Fun

This half-day program consists of themed games and activities where children will learn and grow while having so much fun that they’ll have no idea it’s educational! Contact our Flower Mound preschool to learn about our current offerings

Call us at (469) 529-7092 or contact us online today to learn more about our private preschool in Flower Mound, TX and to schedule your campus tour.

How We Approach Learning

Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound is proud to offer our young students an innovative, hybrid curriculum that pulls from three popular teaching philosophies:

  • Reggio Emilia – This is a student-led approach that encourages children to learn at their own pace. 
  • Montessori – This theory encourages children to take the lead in their education and embrace their curiosity.
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences – Every child’s mind works differently, so this theory emphasizes the importance of adapting the learning experience to a child’s needs.

Our Flower Mound preschool values children’s voices and embraces input from them as well as their families to make sure that they are having the most impactful experiences.

Tour Our Half-Day Preschool in Flower Mound, TX, Today

If you are in the process of assessing different private preschools in Flower Mound, TX, we invite you to take a tour of our campus so that you can get a better understanding of what we are all about. Choosing a school for your child is no small decision. The right preschool can set them up for a lifetime of success, so it’s important to be confident in your decision. 

Our tours will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and meet some of our staff. We can’t wait to show you why so many parents trust us with their children’s early childhood education.  

Schedule a campus tour of our Flower Mound preschool by contacting us online or calling (469) 529-7092 today!

The Benefits of Half-Day Preschool

Half-day preschool can offer many benefits for both children and their families. Here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Socialization: Preschool provides an excellent opportunity for children to interact with other children of similar ages. Through group activities, children learn how to share, take turns, cooperate, and communicate effectively with their peers.
  • Early Learning: Preschool can provide children with a foundation of early learning skills that will be important for their academic success later on. This can include literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts, as well as developing fine and gross motor skills.
  • Improved School Readiness: Children who attend preschool are generally better prepared for the transition to kindergarten. They have had experience with a structured routine, following directions, and engaging in classroom activities.
  • Increased Confidence: Preschool can help children develop a sense of independence and confidence in their abilities. As they participate in new activities and master new skills, they gain a sense of pride and self-assurance.
  • Support for Working Parents: Half-day preschool can be an excellent option for families where both parents work or for single-parent households. It can provide a safe and stimulating environment for children during the day while allowing parents to work.

Overall, half-day preschool can be a great way for young children to learn, grow, and develop important social and academic skills, while also providing valuable support for families. 

To learn more about our private preschool programs in Flower Mound, TX and how they can benefit you and your child, reach out online or schedule a tour today.

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  • Now Touring for the

    ’24-’25 School Year

    Our campus tours are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our school and your child’s specific program so you can feel confident that our Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound is the best choice for your family. Please contact the administrative team at Flower Mound at (469) 529-7092 for details regarding scheduling your private tour or reach out via our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.

  • Now Enrolling for

    2024 Summer Camps

    Our themed camp weeks are designed to help your children learn while having fun! Summer camp programs may vary between locations, so please connect with our Flower Mound team at (469) 529-7092 for details on our campus’ specific offerings.

Growing Toward

Their Brightest Future

The Ivybrook curriculum grows with your child. Each of our programs optimize children’s time away from their families by providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities customized to each child’s needs. Explore your child’s age group in more detail, or read an overview of our program offerings!

Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound Campus

Our School Leadership

At Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound, we apply an innovative approach to early childhood education and create vibrant communities filled with compassionate citizens. Our Flower Mound campus leadership welcomes new families with open arms and is excited to collaborate with you on enriching your child’s development.

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  • Principal Kris George Kris George Principal


Family Testimonials

Enriching Your Child’s Foundation

  • "I can't say enough good things about the wonderful people at Ivybrook in Flower Mound! This desperate mama was looking for a better fit for my strong-willed four-year-old. After meeting with the owner & principal (and asking them a zillion questions), and touring the facility early this past summer, I knew it was something we had to try! The staff were all incredibly welcoming and reassuring, and they genuinely cared about understanding and addressing our needs and concerns. The facility is beautiful and gives super calming vibes while allowing plenty of space for creative freedom, expression and play. The combo Montessori / Reggio Emilia approach seemed to be a GREAT fit for our little guy as he continued building his independence and confidence while developing his social/emotional skills with his classmates. And we LOVED his teacher - she was highly in tune with his behaviors and needs (and honestly, mine too). We saw such a positive shift in his confidence and behavior during his time there. When we attended this recent summer, class sizes and ratios were pretty small (i.e. 7-10 total kids in his class). This location is newer and still growing, although I believe they intentionally maintain smaller class sizes and ratios compared to many other local programs. Summer camps had a new, engaging theme each week, with drop off at 8:45am and pickup at noon (hours may be similar but slightly different for the regular school year). Bottom line - if you're considering a mother's-day-out or part-time daycare option, definitely take a tour at Ivybrook! We are so grateful to Scott, Kris, Rachel and the entire staff there for loving on our little G!" - Incredible staff; Great option for those looking for part-time preschools!


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The Joy In Learning

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Ivybrook Academy Flower Mound

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