Meet the Lee Family – Ivybrook Dublin

Evan and Amber Lee

Helping Families Learn and Discover Together in Dublin

Evan and Amber Lee

Evan and Amber Lee were looking for the perfect business they could start to better serve the Dublin, Ohio community. When the opportunity to own their Ivybrook Academy campus arrived, they immediately knew they had found their calling.

Evan and Amber grew up in a home with a strong focus on education, with both parents working as teachers. Their mother eventually became a guidance counselor while their father became a school principal. It only made sense to follow in “the family business” when the chance to own their own Ivybrook Academy campus presented itself.

Dedicated to Community Learning in Dublin, Ohio

Amber Lee, Principal of Ivybrook Academy’s Dublin campus, received her Master of Social Work degree and worked as a school social worker for more than a decade. Her background of focusing on the individual emotional needs of each child made Ivybrook Academy’s progressive curriculum a perfect fit.

“I’ve always worked with kids, and it’s something that I truly enjoy,” says Amber. “I’m so excited to get to know the little ones and watch them master milestones at Ivybrook.”

Evan Lee, the owner of the Dublin campus of Ivybrook Academy, says coming from a family of educators and his journey to Ivybrook Academy ownership brought his career full circle. He and Amber are thrilled to bring a unique opportunity to the Dublin community that was previously unavailable.

“I initially took a different path from my family and went into business, and here I am circling back to education,” says Evan. “It’s been wonderful getting to know local business owners and the support they’ve provided.  I’m thrilled to bring a new concept to the Dublin market and be able to give families an opportunity for their children to have an Ivybrook education.”

Unique Curriculum Engages Columbus-Area Children

Ivybrook Academy’s hybrid curriculum combines the best of Montessori education, the Reggio Emilia approach, and Multiple Intelligence theory for a dynamic learning experience that puts children in charge of their own education.

“I think what initially appeals to students is the open-endedness of the classroom – materials are placed around the room for students to explore and create their own learning experiences based off of their interests,” says Amber. “The classroom environment enables curiosity and the Montessori piece is unique to include life skills at the child’s pace.”

She says that Ivybrook Academy’s one-of-a-kind curriculum connects with children to also provide social and emotional growth.

“I also enjoy the integration of our Discovery Class,” says Amber. “Students get to experience various culture through art and language and are able to learn through music and movement, yoga, and other creative expressions.”

Evan says the focus on the individuality of each child is key to helping students build a platform for future success.

“The curriculum is carefully designed and gives every child an opportunity to learn no matter what their level of knowledge is,” he says. “I think it’s important to meet the child where they are at and to continually challenge them.”

Safety and Small Class Sizes Keep Focus on Students

Beyond the progressive nature of the curriculum itself, the Lee’s explain how the focus on smaller class sizes improves child safety while also creating more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with educators.

Evan explains that child safety is always paramount at Ivybrook Academy.

“Safety is obviously something that is very important to Ivybrook,” he says. “Our top priority is making sure each child has the opportunity to learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Part of that is maintaining the Ivybrook educator-to-student ratio, which is less than the state teacher-to-student ratio requirement.  This advantage can start a child’s education on the right path so that students have the opportunity to learn more and feel more comfortable asking questions in smaller groups.”

Amber says the ratios of educators to students in each room help Ivybrook Academy stand apart and offer the individual learning experiences parents want for their children.

“I haven’t seen any student-to-teacher ratios that are similar to what we have,” she says. “I also think the more parents learn about Montessori and Reggio, the more parents are seeking these methods and settings to tailor to the individual needs of their child.  Every child learns differently; our curriculum allows for all types of learners.”

Committed to Early Childhood Education in the Columbus Area

The Lees are thrilled to bring a new and exciting approach to early childhood education to the Dublin, Ohio community and the surrounding Columbus area. Evan explains how the neighborhood atmosphere of Dublin inspires them to bring a fresh approach to early childhood education that was not available before.

“Dublin has everything you want but still has a small-town feel,” he says. “We’re so excited to be a part of the growth of Dublin and offer a fresh approach to education for Dublin families.”

Find out more about how your child can make the most of an innovative early childhood education in Dublin, Ohio. Connect with Evan and Amber at the Dublin campus of Ivybrook Academy and discover how you can enroll your little one today!