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Toddler Preschool in Parker, CO

Ivybrook Academy Parker, your reliable ally in early childhood education, understands the paramount importance of laying a solid foundation for your child's future. Our esteemed toddler preschool service is crafted to offer a nurturing, stimulating, and securely safe environment, ensuring optimal conditions for your child's holistic learning and development journey. Trust us to be your partner in fostering growth and excellence in your child's formative years.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

At Ivybrook Academy Parker, we recognize the significance of readying your child for their transition to kindergarten. Our toddler preschool program provides a holistic educational journey fostering social, emotional, and academic growth.

Discover how we prepare your child for kindergarten:

  • Language and Literacy Development: Engage in activities promoting early literacy skills, including letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary enrichment.
  • Math and Science Exploration: Introduce foundational mathematical concepts and scientific principles through hands-on experiments, activities, and games.
  • Social and Emotional Skills: Cultivate a nurturing classroom environment where children learn to express emotions, foster empathy, and establish meaningful relationships with peers.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Encourage independent problem-solving and decision-making skills through interactive activities and thought-provoking questions.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Develop fine motor skills through art, writing, and manipulative tasks, while enhancing gross motor skills through outdoor play and physical activities.
  • Independence and Self-Help Skills: Empower children to embrace independence by teaching essential self-help skills such as dressing, restroom use, and tidying up.

By focusing on these crucial areas, our goal is to equip your child with the tools needed to excel in kindergarten and beyond. Explore our toddler preschool program and support your child's educational journey.

For more information about our toddler preschool program in Parker, CO, call (720) 552-5886 or connect with us online now.

Our Philosophy

At Ivybrook Academy Parker, we believe that each child is unique and should be treated as an individual. Our curriculum is created keeping this philosophy in mind. We foster curiosity, creativity and lifelong learning habits among our toddlers.

Our Curriculum

We follow a comprehensive curriculum that includes language arts, mathematics, science exploration, creative arts and physical activity. Each day at Ivybrook Academy Parker brings new opportunities for your little one to explore their world.

Toddler Program Highlights:

  1. Sensory-based learning experiences
  2. Promoting language development through reading & storytelling
  3. Lots of physical activities for developing motor skills
  4. Creative playtimes to stimulate imagination
  5. Nurturing social & emotional growth with peer interaction

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To learn more about our toddler preschool service or schedule a tour of our facility at Ivybrook Academy Parker, please contact us today! We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey of early education.


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Benefits of Toddler Preschool in Parker, CO:

  • Tailored School Readiness: Our preschool program in Parker, CO, is designed to prepare children for the academic and social aspects of formal schooling. We focus on developing routines, enhancing listening skills, and instilling the ability to follow instructions, laying a strong foundation for their educational journey.
  • Cognitive Skills Flourish: Our curriculum places a special emphasis on cognitive development. Through engaging activities like early literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, memory exercises, and critical thinking challenges, we equip children with the skills they need for successful academic progression.
  • Socialization and Teamwork: At our Parker, CO preschool, we provide a structured environment that encourages peer interaction, group work, resource sharing, and collaborative projects. This fosters essential social skills, respect for others, and a strong sense of community among the children.
  • Encouraging Independence and Self-Care: We believe in nurturing independence and self-care skills from an early age. Our program includes teaching essential abilities like using the bathroom, dressing themselves, cleaning up after activities, and following instructions. This builds self-confidence and a sense of self-reliance in each child.
  • Diverse Range of Activities: Our preschool exposes children to a wide variety of activities including art, music, physical play, storytelling, and science experiments. This not only nurtures their interests and curiosity but also helps them discover their unique strengths and talents.

Enroll your child today in our Parker, CO preschool and provide them with the ideal foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.

Contact Ivybrook Academy Parker to learn more about our Toddler program!

Growing Toward

Their Brightest Future

The Ivybrook curriculum grows with your child. Each of our programs optimize children’s time away from their families by providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities customized to each child’s needs. Explore your child’s age group in more detail, or read an overview of our program offerings!

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