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Preschool & Transitional Kindergarten in Huntersville, NC: Nurturing 4 & 5-Year-Olds

Developing Key Skills & Fostering Critical Thinking in Huntersville's Young Minds

At Ivybrook Academy Huntersville, we take pride in our 4 and 5-year-old Preschool program that propels our students to the next stage of our advanced academy curriculum. Our young learners in Huntersville are introduced to and actively participate in focused learning experiences. These encompass literacy studies, advanced problem-solving, reading readiness, mathematical reasoning, and socialization – all vital for a well-rounded child. Our dedicated teachers design engaging activities that help develop key skills and offer a blend of instructed learning and purposeful play.

Every day, our children in Huntersville gather in small groups for comprehensive studies tailored to meet their specific academic needs and provide the right level of challenge. They learn to sequence events, follow instructions, communicate effectively, listen attentively, and practice self-control. We encourage our students to explore their independence by expressing their ideas and forming meaningful relationships with their peers. These social interactions form the bedrock of learning.

By honing their communication skills and challenging and questioning each other's theories, our students engage in a profound process of reflection. Our young learners in Huntersville are immersed in a classroom environment that offers abundant opportunities to discover, investigate, and create on a daily basis. This empowers them with the skills they need to excel in Kindergarten!

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Our Approach at Ivybrook Academy Huntersville

At Ivybrook Academy Huntersville, we believe in a play-based approach to learning, where children thrive through hands-on experiences and exploration. Our dedicated and qualified teachers craft an engaging curriculum that seamlessly combines academic instruction with creative activities.

Through a variety of engaging activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, storytelling, and outdoor play, our goal is to foster your child's cognitive skills, language and literacy skills, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to support the holistic development of 4-5-year-olds. Key components include:

  • Language and literacy development: We encourage language skills through storytelling, reading, and engaging activities.
  • Mathematics and logical thinking: Children learn fundamental math concepts through hands-on activities and games.
  • Science exploration: Our science activities ignite curiosity and encourage exploration of the natural world.
  • Art and creativity: Children express themselves and explore their creativity through various art mediums.
  • Music and movement: We incorporate music and movement activities to enhance coordination and rhythm.
  • Physical development and outdoor play: Outdoor playtime is vital for gross motor development and overall health.
  • Social skills and teamwork: Children learn to interact with others, share, and cooperate in a supportive environment.

Enroll your child at Ivybrook Academy Huntersville today to provide them with a well-rounded education that fosters growth and development in a nurturing environment.

Experience the enriching and nurturing environment at Ivybrook Academy Huntersville—enroll your child today for a well-rounded education!

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Why choose our pre kindergarten program in Huntersville?

Our teachers will:

· Introduce age-appropriate social skills and learning benchmarks

· Encourage critical thinking to improve a child’s thought process

· Champion leadership and innovation

· Create an inclusive, encouraging environment to promote healthy interactions among students

Ivybrook’s 4 and 5-year-old Preschool program will help build children’s self-esteem and guide them to act appropriately in a school setting, better preparing them for kindergarten and the years ahead.

Growing Toward

Their Brightest Future

The Ivybrook curriculum grows with your child. Each of our programs optimize children’s time away from their families by providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities customized to each child’s needs. Explore your child’s age group in more detail, or read an overview of our program offerings!

*Please check with you local campus regarding UPK availability:

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