Unlocking Success: Ivybrook Academy Franchisee Testimonials

Ivybrook Academy early childhood education franchise

If you've ever considered venturing into the world of academic Pre-School, you're in for a treat. Join us as we uncover the genuine experiences of four Ivybrook Academy franchisees – stories rich with triumphs, challenges, and the unique rewards of being part of the leading half-day childhood education franchise.

Calhoun family Ivybrook Academy franchise owners

Heather Calhoun - Mt. Pleasant & Summerville, SC

The Heart of Community-Driven Education

Meet Heather Calhoun, the proud owner of Ivybrook Academy in Mt. Pleasant & Summerville, South Carolina. For Heather, the commitment to community-driven education is the cornerstone of her franchise journey. "Serving the community in a positive way has filled me with pride. I feel a strong purpose and connection with the families and educators surrounding me." Heather not only emphasizes the joy of introducing children to early education but also cherishes her family's involvement in the business. As she puts it, "My husband is the business manager, my youngest attended school here, my teenage daughter is a camp counselor in the summer, and my son, well, he loves to raid the snacks on the weekends."

Newell family Ivybrook Academy franchise owners

Yaning Newell - Cumming, GA

Beyond Financial Gains: Fostering a Loving Community

Yaning Newell from Cumming, Georgia, echoes the sentiment of a community-based approach at Ivybrook Academy. She shares, "We love the half-day model and believe this genuinely meets the preschooler's needs. We also love the school community Ivybrook creates, just like a big happy loving family." Yaning is driven by a love that transcends financial gains, creating an environment where children flourish and feel part of a supportive educational family. And she’s not alone. Ivybrook Academy’s comprehensive support and guidance are what stand out most to the Newells. “The continuous support from the Franchisor Team is nothing but outstanding. These amazing ladies are just a phone call away, and they help answer any questions from daily operations to special events, to every single aspect of running a school. As an owner, it is a peace of mind to know that there's always someone there to support and help you along each step of the way.”

Headshot of Agarwal Family

Ash and Priya Agarwal - Hendersonville, TN

Long-Lasting Relationships and Impactful Transformations

In the heart of Hendersonville, Tennessee, is Ash and Priya Agarwal, the owners of Ivybrook Academy. Ash reflects on the profound changes owning a franchise has brought to their life and passionately shares, "[We] made long-lasting relationships with community members and are proud to change each child's life that walks through our door." The pride in changing lives and forming lasting bonds with the community is at the core of the Agarwal’s Ivybrook Academy experience.

A family sitting on a bed

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Ryan & Rachel Burden - Lubbock, TX

Balancing Life and Fulfillment

For Ryan and Rachel Burden in Lubbock, Texas, the love for Ivybrook Academy comes not just from financial rewards but also from the work-life balance it offers. They highlight, "Seeing children flourish and love school is so rewarding, but also to have such a work-life balance with holidays off for family is spoiling!" The Burden’s journey is marked by resilience and adaptability. Ryan testifies, "It has made us more resilient people, that we feel we can do anything! We are much more adaptable, and our faith has grown throughout the process."

But the biggest positive change to come from ownership? The impact on the community and their role in it. “Families and staff really rely on Rachel as a mentor and counselor at times! Also, Rachel and our school are known all over Lubbock now and it's amazing to see the positive impact these relationships have had since we started this venture!”

Your Journey with Ivybrook Awaits

Embark on a journey where community-driven education, transformative resilience, and positive impact are not just buzzwords but a lived reality. These testimonials from Ivybrook Academy franchisees are a testament to the rewards of aligning with a leader in academic Pre-School and daycare franchise opportunities. If you're ready to shape young minds and contribute positively to your community, contact us now to learn more about the Ivybrook Academy franchise opportunity. Your shared success story with Ivybrook awaits!

Contact us today to learn more about the Ivybrook Academy franchise opportunity. Our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey to ownership.

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